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About Us


For over 20 years, the Sensaya Group has been a leader in polymer based mattresses. All of us have put our heart and soul into making beds with your health and wellness in mind. Our strength comes from the research and development that is an ongoing process here at Sensaya. Plasmabed is the Healthcare Division of the Sensaya Group with strategic partners in the US, Asia and the Middle East.



Since the innerspring mattress was invented in 1925, the bedroom has virtually remained unchanged. Sensaya has created a new division called Plasmabed, designed to bring you the latest technological advancements for a whole new level of comfort in your life. Plasmabed oversees every aspect of the product development in order to maintain the extreme integrity of the product. The Plasmabed is the pinnacle of our success and with your support, we are constantly looking into the future.


At Plasmabed we excell in giving you the utmost in quality, components and engineering. One look at the Plasmabed and you will see why it's the only bed for you. Our research team, combined with our most experienced craftsmen strives to bring you the latest technological advancements, along with the highest level of workmanship. Our mattresses have been orthopedically designed for optimal posture and lumbar support. Plasmabed mattresses are the highest level of sleep available.


In the early 1980's, formulations began with the first VE-Plasma polymers. After a substantial investment and almost a decade later, it was ready for market. Sensaya immediately incorporated the pressure-relieving technology of their new material into a mattress.

You've come to expect the best from us and now we bring you the Plasmabed. The new VE-Plasmabed Technology is the newest product to change bedding in 75 years. Its unique cellular structure reacts to temperature and allows the mattress to mold to the shape of the person's body. By increasing the surface contact area, the pressure is reduced, creating a flotation effect. This gives support to the whole body, fighting fatigue and stress and allowing the muscles to relax.