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Plasma Comfort

It's the most obvious way to rest your mind and body, yet the one we most often neglect: a good night's sleep. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so make sure that it is time well spent with the PLASMABED Body Molding Mattress. With most seating, sleeping and other common support surfaces, pressures generated become sources of discomfort, as circulation is restricted by the upward force. Body pressure mapping, measuring the ratio between body weight and surface contact, reveals that Plasma material reduces pressure points and thereby improves circulation. In addition to the reduction of interface pressure, the Plasmabed also helps to dissipate moisture and perspiration away from the body. Plasma material is ideal for clinical and body contact cushioning applications due to its breathability and non irritating properties. There is no other mattress available for home use that is more technologically advanced. The Plasmabed is a quantum leap forward for a whole new generation in comfort.

Secret of Plasma Relief

Plasma material has shown a significant reduction in interface pressure. Due to the FLOATATIONTM effect of the Plasma material, pressure is dissipated away from the points of contact, relieving pressure points on one's shoulders, hips and lower legs, while maintaining proper alignment.

The Plasmabed helps reduce the need to toss and turn because of its unique ability to support and distribute your body weight evenly across the surface of the mattress, aiding to relieve fatigue and stress on all parts of the body. The Plasmabed is completely CFC and Formaldehyde free, making its hypo-allergenic construction excellent for anyone wanting a healthy sleeping surface.


State of the Art

In today's hectic times, our bed has become a haven where we can get away to rest and rejuvenate. The Plasmabed mattresses are a revolutionary marvel in modern science. The unique properties of the Plasma material, with its gel like feel, allow the mattress to sense and adjust to the bodies contours like no other mattress. The Plasmabed is temperature sensitive, softening when it comes into contact with a person's body, helping you to relax and restore for a restful night's sleep. The Plasmabed has proven to be therapeutic, medical professionals attest to improved comfort and sleep quality. From the moment your body touches the Plasmabed, it will be love at first feel!

Plasma Formula

Our proprietary formula is as unique as we are. Our exclusive ANTI-GRAVITYTM technology gives our plasma material a broader range of flexibility, allowing it to relax better, for a more fluid feel according to your body heat and dynamics. As you sleep, the Plasmabed's billions of temperature sensitive and high density memory cells sense the body's warmth, molding itself to fit perfectly: firm in support, soft in comfort.

Another impressive feature about the Plasmabed is that there is very little motion transfer, providing individual sleeping surfaces, which minimizes partner disturbance. Yet, the level of support a Plasmabed can provide is outstanding: customers often describe it as a "level of levitation," as they experience a feeling similar to floating as they lie on the bed.

NASA Technology

The original research for what we now call visco-elastic foam, was developed in the early 1970's at NASA's Ames Research Center in an effort to relieve astronauts of the incredible g-force experienced during lift-off. Visco-elastic foam is now used world wide to relieve the pressure points that can be created by a conventional steel spring bed. Sensaya has spent years studying and working to invent a new kind of visco-elastic body molding bed. Thus, the Plasmabed was born. With it has come pillows and other pressure relieving products that will benefit us all. Today, the use of VE-material has exploded into almost every product that we sit or lie on, from office chairs to mattresses. Finally, the technology that put a man on the moon is giving us the ultimate in comfort.